Reinhardt: Environmental Kill Charges or Cliff Charges

One useful mechanic to Reinhardt’s Charge ability is the fact that you can charge enemies off a cliff for an environmental kill. Sometimes this is a suicide charge — and for good reason. If you score a huge Earthshatter to the right side of Volskaya B when attacking, you can probably charge all six enemies […]

The Only D.Va Guide You’ll Ever Need

This D.Va guide was written by several Grandmaster and highly-ranked D.Va players. At 25+ pages in Google Docs, this is an incredibly detailed guide covering all aspects of D.Va. Note also that this guide was created for D.Va after the Missile rework. It may contain some outdated information, but it is one of the newer D.Va guides available.

How to Counter Pharah or Pharmercy

“How do I counter Pharah / Pharmercy?” is a very common question. Especially in lower ranks, Pharah can dominate other players and feel very oppressive. These guides should help players understand how better to counter Pharah. For Pharah players — understanding how others will try to shut you down is an important part of playing […]

Moira Fade: Fade Jumps

Moira’s Fade ability has hidden power. Players can use certain map objects and keypress combinations to access high ground or move in unexpected ways as Moira. The guides contained within this page are all relevant to Moira’s Fade and Fade Jumping.

/r/LucioMains Resources List

A list of resources compiled and maintained by /r/LucioMains.

VOD Recording Software and Tools

There are several programs you can use to record gameplay. Installation and configuration are currently beyond the scope of this guide. Settings vary by program and hardware, so you’ll have to dig into the specifics of your set-up. PC only (for now!).

Mouse Sensitivity Calculators

This is a collection of various mouse sensitivity calculators for Overwatch, ranging from simple to rather complex. If you want to know your CM/360° or convert your OW sensitivity to another game -- or vice versa -- these calculators can help you out.