A Comprehensive Guide to McCree

McCree guides can be hard to come by -- he is one of the simpler characters in Overwatch, with little in the way of hidden tech. This resource presents some clearly-organized essential information about the hero at the lower ranks, where McCree is not often found. Some of the character matchup information becomes a bit inaccurate at the higher ranks -- but otherwise, this guide is a good introduction to McCree for the middling ranks.

Killing the Enemy – How to be a Competent and Effective DPS Player

This guide is an excellent introduction to the basic aspects of playing DPS within Overwatch. The guide covers different types of DPS heroes, positioning well, confirming kills, and more. As with all of Gangsir's guides, this resource is well-written, well-organized, and explains concepts in thorough detail.

A Comprehensive Guide to Playing Mercy

A detailed introduction to Mercy written by Gangsir, purveyor of several well-written and well-organized Overwatch guides. This resource is a great introduction to Mercy, especially for players who need to augment their hero pool with a powerful single-target main healer.

How to Improve Overall Awareness

This resource is an invaluable improvement tool, teaching you how to improve your awareness and survive longer. As with many /u/Gangsir guides, it provides well-written and detailed information in a highly organized manner.

A Comprehensive Soldier: 76 Guide

An excellent introduction to playing Soldier: 76 in Overwatch, written by /u/Gangsir. As with most of Gangsir's guides, this Soldier: 76 resource is well-written and cleanly organized.

Creating Space, How to be a Competent and Effective Tank Player

This is an essential tanking guide covering the "SPACE" resource in Overwatch. Space is mostly the domain of Tank characters, who are responsible for its creation and management. Excellent organization and well-written examples make this a must-read guide for any aspiring tank players.