Overwatch Skins: Advantages and Disadvantages

This competitive Overwatch guide covers the advantages and disadvantages of various skins and cosmetics for different Overwatch heroes. The differences in skins can vary, from point-of-view differences to color patterns that may enable (or hinder) enemy aim. This resource contains tips and tricks for evaluating skins on your own — so you can evaluate new […]

Self-Reviewing Overwatch VODs (WIP)

This is a guide regarding self-reviewing Overwatch VODs. The Questions section is a long list of questions to ask yourself when reviewing your own Overwatch gameplay -- hopefully questions that will help you get better at the game. There is some information on how to record, but not a lot -- this is more relevant to the actual reviewing as opposed to the recording. Please note, this is a WIP. The information is 90% there, but I am very unhappy with the formatting. Sorry!

Mercy Boost Jumping with Guardian Angel (Mercy v2.1+)

Mercy 2.0 brought us the "bug" Guardian Angel, Mercy 2.1 toned it down significantly -- but you can still pull off some pretty neat jumps. The video contains an explanation of the prerequisites (a teammate higher than you, and relatively close to you) and some examples of using the technique in-game to access high ground, safety, etc. There are some tips for the safest possible use, too!

Apologies for the poor video quality -- I only have Windows Movie Maker so this is about the best I can do, sadly. Hopefully it's still useful!

Callouts, Shotcalling, Comms & Problem-Solving

This is a 45+ page Google Docs guide for shotcalling, callouts, communications, and solving problems such as arguments or blame-game teammates on comms. The guide's core feature is a tabled example covering what and when to call throughout the course of a game, including examples. It also includes a slang and terminology glossary, map callouts, and examples of shotcalling streamers.

Simple Google Docs Overwatch SR Tracker

This is a simple Google Docs spreadsheet for tracking SR. I made my own because I'm a picky little thing. This sheet includes an auto-inserting date. It's not the best, but it works for me.

Game Sense and General Knowledge “Test”

I'm not really sure if anyone would find this useful? I don't know. I made it for a duo-queue partner to try and help with some game sense things, and I figured I could share it. I would assume the more you know without cheating on the internet, the better off you are -- and if there's anything that totally blanks you out you'd know there's something specific you need to work on. Sorry if you get any echoes of school tests on this!

Mercy: Spots for Pistoling

For certain map types and certain team compositions, I like to start defense rounds with the pistol when playing Mercy. Especially with Mercy 2.0, firing your gun at the start of the round is a great way to build ultimate and potentially secure the numbers advantage.