WBC Moira Guide

A fifteen-page document covering numerous aspects of playing Moira, from the basics and her abilities to more advanced techniques. As with most Wawa resources, it is well-written and excellently organized.

WBC’s D.Va Guide

This D.Va guide is more introductory, covering D.Va's basic abilities, role, and some character match-ups. At 14+ pages in Google Docs, it can hardly be considered "basic" though!

The Dragon Becomes Me

A long, detailed, and thorough text guide to Genji. Although this is an older guide, there is still a good amount of useful information contained within. Exact numbers may have changed, but Genji's role and abilities are similar.

Wawa’s Boot Camp

Wawa's Boot Camp is an improvement-geared online boot camp, helping to connect coaches with players. They have also created a number of excellent guides.

Four Fundamentals for Effective Communication

This resource is an excellent start for communication. It covers the basics of "how to" communicate, focusing on the best ways to call targets, interact on voice chat, and more. "Required reading" for general comms improvement in Overwatch!