An Overview of Mouse Technology

Again although this guide is not specific to Overwatch, it offers an extremely thorough overview of mice and mouse technology. There are lots of charts, tables, and math!

Mouse Guide 2.0

This guide is not specific to Overwatch. Instead, it covers a myriad of topics specific to your mouse. If you want to learn something about mice, chances are quite good it is contained somewhere within this guide.

Overwatch Pro Settings and Setups

Although it is not generally suggested you should exactly mirror any professional player's settings... looking at what is typically used might help you when checking out new hardware, or trying to adjust your settings.

Mouse Sensitivity Calculators

This is a collection of various mouse sensitivity calculators for Overwatch, ranging from simple to rather complex. If you want to know your CM/360° or convert your OW sensitivity to another game -- or vice versa -- these calculators can help you out.