StatBanana Planning Tools & Top-Down High-Resolution Overwatch Maps

StatBanana put together some really amazing high-quality images for Overwatch maps, created from almost 10,000 in-game screenshots. These screenshots were stitched together to make seriously huge, seriously high-quality map images. These maps can be used to create annotated screenshots, plans of attack, and much more.

Please note, StatBanana requests credit of their resources, and for their resources to be used only in free works: "We only ask that you not use them in any non-free works, that you not redistribute them unaltered, and that either the logo in the corner is kept, or that you include something to the effect of Overhead map courtesy of below the image or wherever it is most suitable."

Overwatch Community Guide

The Overwatch Community Guide is a wiki-style system geared toward creating a comprehensive guide to many aspects of Overwatch. You can read one of their in-depth guides -- or help our and contribute with your own stuff.