The All in One Overwatch Damage Chart

A text chart of character damage output modifiers and primary/ability attacks. This guide applies to Orisa Supercharger, Ana Nanoboost, Zenyatta Discord Orb, Mercy Damage Boost. While it may not be useful to know precise numbers in-game, reviewing resources like this can help you understand when your hero is going to do massive damage to the enemy.

Learn to Dodge in Overwatch

This is an excellent introductory resource on movement in Overwatch. Learning how to dodge and strafe, as this video guide will teach you, is one fast way to improvement.

Please note: I believe this guide was released before the "crouch cooldown" was introduced. Crouch-spamming may be mentioned as a tactic in this video; it is no longer applicable in the same way.

Updated: June 30, 2018
Author: Overwatch Dojo
Warning: Outdated! This older guide may not address newer patches.

Boops Explained: Environmental Kills and Displacement Abilities

A general introduction to "boops" or environmental kills. Boop abilities include Lucio's Soundwave, Pharah's Concussive Blast, D.Va's boosters, and more. This essential guide explains some of the properties behind boops and environmental kills in Overwatch.

Aim Compendium

An excellent resource for improving your aim. This resource introduces various types of aiming, ways to practice your aim, even physical aspects to aiming, and more.

T500: How to Improve Aim

A guide for aim improvement by T500 DPS main Kabaji.

A Guide to Overwatch Interactions

At almost 30 pages in Google Docs, this is an amazing list of ability, ultimate, and character interactions in Overwatch. It includes a ton of testing and video clips that offer proof of various in-game interactions for every character in the game, and the author has taken cares to update it with new game patches and heroes.