Learn to Dodge in Overwatch

This is an excellent introductory resource on movement in Overwatch. Learning how to dodge and strafe, as this video guide will teach you, is one fast way to improvement.

Please note: I believe this guide was released before the "crouch cooldown" was introduced. Crouch-spamming may be mentioned as a tactic in this video; it is no longer applicable in the same way.

Updated: June 30, 2018
Author: Overwatch Dojo
Warning: Outdated! This older guide may not address newer patches.

Medic’s Hidden Spots

This is an incredible video series of hidden spots and trick jumps in Overwatch. Although some are difficult to pull off and it may be tough to use them against experienced enemies, you can make use of several spots in the map that are seriously unexpected. Some of these spots are accessible to all characters, some are accessible to only some characters with specific abilities. This is an extremely useful video series regardless of your character choice. And don't miss the other parts to this guide:

Trickjumping Montage

This is an excellent compilation of various jumps for a number of characters, including Genji, Junkrat, Zarya, Soldier:76, and more. Be aware that this is an older guide, showing some tech that has since been patched out (e.g., Genji ledge-dash).

Updated: June 30, 2018
Author: PlasmaNapkin
Tagged: Movement
Warning: Outdated! This older guide may not address newer patches.