Overwatch Optimization Guide

A guide to optimizing Overwatch by a professional player.

Overwatch – The Elusive Goal: Play by Sound (GDC 2016)

This is not a direct "resource" for Overwatch. The people in this video will not give you any tips and tricks, nor will they guide you through any maps. Instead, this video explores the way sound is used as a whole in Overwatch. Again, while not an actual guide or resource -- this video is invaluable for understanding the sound design and techniques used in Overwatch.

Overwatch Pro Settings and Setups

Although it is not generally suggested you should exactly mirror any professional player's settings... looking at what is typically used might help you when checking out new hardware, or trying to adjust your settings.

Choosing Crosshairs

A detailed guide on the very specific subject of crosshair customization. This guide provides a helpful image album showing different crosshairs and their settings, as well as detailed written information on choosing the crosshair that will work best for you.

Mouse Sensitivity Calculators

This is a collection of various mouse sensitivity calculators for Overwatch, ranging from simple to rather complex. If you want to know your CM/360° or convert your OW sensitivity to another game -- or vice versa -- these calculators can help you out.