A YouTuber who creates incredibly detailed, lengthy guides with excellent production. Many of OneAmongstMany's videos deep-dive into a very specific subject, or provide lengthy VOD reviews for players of various skill ratings.

VOD Recording Software and Tools

There are several programs you can use to record gameplay. Installation and configuration are currently beyond the scope of this guide. Settings vary by program and hardware, so you’ll have to dig into the specifics of your set-up. PC only (for now!).

Flow Feedback

Flow Feedback is a great service for gaming video reviews. When reviewing VODs without Flow Feedback... it is clunky to write timestamped comments. FF reduces the friction of this process, allowing timestamped, pausable comments, drawings, and other features that make reviewing your game play (and the gameplay of others) much easier.

Self-Reviewing Overwatch VODs (WIP)

This is a guide regarding self-reviewing Overwatch VODs. The Questions section is a long list of questions to ask yourself when reviewing your own Overwatch gameplay -- hopefully questions that will help you get better at the game. There is some information on how to record, but not a lot -- this is more relevant to the actual reviewing as opposed to the recording. Please note, this is a WIP. The information is 90% there, but I am very unhappy with the formatting. Sorry!