The All in One Overwatch Damage Chart

A text chart of character damage output modifiers and primary/ability attacks. This guide applies to Orisa Supercharger, Ana Nanoboost, Zenyatta Discord Orb, Mercy Damage Boost. While it may not be useful to know precise numbers in-game, reviewing resources like this can help you understand when your hero is going to do massive damage to the enemy.

Ana Set Grenades

These are "CS:GO" style grenades for Ana. There are very specific points as you approach chokes, objectives, etc. where you can look into the sky and toss Ana's grenade. This can give your team an opening while enemies are purple -- or it can just generate some early ult charge for you when you play Ana.

Ryujehong’s Ana Tutorial

This subtitled video guide is created by Seoul Dynasty's Ryujehong, widely considered the world's best Ana player. If you're going to listen to anyone's advice about Ana, Ryujehong is the one to listen to!

Complete Ana Guide: Biotic Grenade

This is one of the most detailed guides for a single ability you're going to find. Read all about Ana's Biotic Grenade ability in great depth!

An older guide -- some of the numbers are no longer correct, but the guide still provides useful information.

Updated: June 30, 2018
Hero: Ana
Warning: Outdated! This older guide may not address newer patches.

Educational Ana Videos

A series of short but educational videos on Ana, primarily focused on effective use of the sleep dart and positioning.