The Only D.Va Guide You’ll Ever Need

This D.Va guide was written by several Grandmaster and highly-ranked D.Va players. At 25+ pages in Google Docs, this is an incredibly detailed guide covering all aspects of D.Va. Note also that this guide was created for D.Va after the Missile rework. It may contain some outdated information, but it is one of the newer D.Va guides available.

WBC’s D.Va Guide

This D.Va guide is more introductory, covering D.Va's basic abilities, role, and some character match-ups. At 14+ pages in Google Docs, it can hardly be considered "basic" though!

The D.Va Pancake

A very long, very detailed D.Va guide! It contains a wealth of D.Va information that still applies.

This older guide was published January 2017 and has not been updated to the latest patches.

Updated: June 30, 2018
Author: /u/runnncmc
Hero: D.Va
Warning: Outdated! This older guide may not address newer patches.