Mada Mada: Genji Flank Guide

There's part two and part three of this guide, too. This is an older guide, lacking some of the newer maps -- but the information for older maps is perfectly good, and this is an extremely detailed guide, with well-presented information and visual examples.

The Dragon Becomes Me

A long, detailed, and thorough text guide to Genji. Although this is an older guide, there is still a good amount of useful information contained within. Exact numbers may have changed, but Genji's role and abilities are similar.

The Longest Genji Guide

Another older Genji guide -- but it still contains great information and introductory information to playing Genji, from abilities to character match-ups to some map-specific Genji information.

An Actually Advanced Genji Guide

Although this is an older guide, much of its information is still applicable. And the title does not lie: this is indeed an advanced Genji guide, providing in-depth information on our favorite cyborg-ninja.