Mercy’s Superhop

This is a very brief guide to Mercy's superhop technique, which was first posted on Reddit by /u/StarSplosion. /u/brokenstyli made this helpful and informative GIF to quickly illustrate the technique.

The All in One Overwatch Damage Chart

A text chart of character damage output modifiers and primary/ability attacks. This guide applies to Orisa Supercharger, Ana Nanoboost, Zenyatta Discord Orb, Mercy Damage Boost. While it may not be useful to know precise numbers in-game, reviewing resources like this can help you understand when your hero is going to do massive damage to the enemy.

Vale: Mercy Expert

Vale is primary a Mercy player, consistently among the top Mercy players in Overwatch. Vale often appears in videos and content created by other people. But you can learn quite a bit just from watching Vale's stream -- chances are good there will be a lot of great Mercy play for you to learn from.

GM Mercy Guides

Niandra is a Grandmaster player, with expertise in playing Mercy. This YouTube playlist provides several videos covering various aspects of Mercy play, from positioning to using the Caduceus staff correctly.

How to Counter Pharah or Pharmercy

“How do I counter Pharah / Pharmercy?” is a very common question. Especially in lower ranks, Pharah can dominate other players and feel very oppressive. These guides should help players understand how better to counter Pharah. For Pharah players — understanding how others will try to shut you down is an important part of playing […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Playing Mercy

A detailed introduction to Mercy written by Gangsir, purveyor of several well-written and well-organized Overwatch guides. This resource is a great introduction to Mercy, especially for players who need to augment their hero pool with a powerful single-target main healer.

Mercy Boost Jumping with Guardian Angel (Mercy v2.1+)

Mercy 2.0 brought us the "bug" Guardian Angel, Mercy 2.1 toned it down significantly -- but you can still pull off some pretty neat jumps. The video contains an explanation of the prerequisites (a teammate higher than you, and relatively close to you) and some examples of using the technique in-game to access high ground, safety, etc. There are some tips for the safest possible use, too!

Apologies for the poor video quality -- I only have Windows Movie Maker so this is about the best I can do, sadly. Hopefully it's still useful!

Mercy: Spots for Pistoling

For certain map types and certain team compositions, I like to start defense rounds with the pistol when playing Mercy. Especially with Mercy 2.0, firing your gun at the start of the round is a great way to build ultimate and potentially secure the numbers advantage.