Moira Orb Bouncing & Orb Angles (II)

These videos were created by YouTuber Wade Wiley. Unfortunately it seems these videos are no longer being made. That said, these guides cover several maps the other Moira orb guides do not: Junkertown and Hanamura. Four maps covered by the other Moira orb guide -- Dorado, Route 66, Gibraltar, and Volskaya Industries -- are also covered here. Additionally, this guide was created by a different author -- so there may be additional tips for those four maps within this guide!

Moira Orb Bouncing & Orb Angles

Moira's orbs can be very powerful when used in the correct spots. Creating a ricochet where the orb bounces around in one small area can lead to extra damage or extra healing. Orb bouncing and angle spots for six maps are shown: Kings Row, Volskaya Industries, Lijiang Tower, Dorado, Route 66, Watchpoint: Gibraltar are included in this guide.

WBC Moira Guide

A fifteen-page document covering numerous aspects of playing Moira, from the basics and her abilities to more advanced techniques. As with most Wawa resources, it is well-written and excellently organized.

Moira Fade: Fade Jumps

Moira’s Fade ability has hidden power. Players can use certain map objects and keypress combinations to access high ground or move in unexpected ways as Moira. The guides contained within this page are all relevant to Moira’s Fade and Fade Jumping.

Season 10 Moira Guide

An extensive Google Docs text guide to Moira.