The All in One Overwatch Damage Chart

A text chart of character damage output modifiers and primary/ability attacks. This guide applies to Orisa Supercharger, Ana Nanoboost, Zenyatta Discord Orb, Mercy Damage Boost. While it may not be useful to know precise numbers in-game, reviewing resources like this can help you understand when your hero is going to do massive damage to the enemy.

Barrier Stacking with Orisa

This is some cool tech available to Orisa, where you can toss your shield high into the air. You can increase and maximize your barrier uptime and health using this technique, protecting yourself and your teammates far longer.

How to Play Orisa

An excellent 20-minute video introduction to Orisa created by Zarya and Orisa expert and high-ranked player CANAS1AN. A must-watch if you're learning Orisa -- or if you want to shore up your fundamentals.

Orisa Barrier Trickshots

Barrier trickshots are a great way to improve your Orisa play. Because Orisa's barrier is a projectile, it can arrive back at the fight long before Orisa herself does. Shooting barriers from spawn and similar can help give your team a shielding advantage!

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CANAS1AN: Zarya and Orisa Expert

You can catch CANAS1AN, an expert Zarya and Orisa player, on YouTube and Twitch.