How to Counter Pharah or Pharmercy

“How do I counter Pharah / Pharmercy?” is a very common question. Especially in lower ranks, Pharah can dominate other players and feel very oppressive. These guides should help players understand how better to counter Pharah. For Pharah players — understanding how others will try to shut you down is an important part of playing […]

Fareeha: Pharah Expert

Fareeha is a Pharah main who streams with an educational slant and also provides several Pharah guides. The stream is a lot of fun, she has a great singing voice. In addition to watching Fareeha play -- there are often VOD reviews, helpful hints, and more.

Valkia: Pharah Expert

Valkia's YouTube channel contains a wealth of Pharah guides and general information. In addition, you can watch Valkia via Twitch stream to absorb even more excellent Pharah play.