Wawa’s Boot Camp

Wawa's Boot Camp is an improvement-geared online boot camp, helping to connect coaches with players. They have also created a number of excellent guides.

The Scrub Cup

A well-established tournament for the prize of pride. The Scrub Cup consists of teams of players ranked below gold. Playing on a team is a potentially good way to improve quickly -- you have to learn to work well with others to be successful in such environments.

Overwatch Community Guide

The Overwatch Community Guide is a wiki-style system geared toward creating a comprehensive guide to many aspects of Overwatch. You can read one of their in-depth guides -- or help our and contribute with your own stuff.

Overwatch Subreddits

A list of Overwatch-relevant subreddit communities on reddit.com.

Communities, Wikis, and Blogs

This is a collection of various Overwatch communities, blogs, and similar compilations.