A YouTuber who creates incredibly detailed, lengthy guides with excellent production. Many of OneAmongstMany's videos deep-dive into a very specific subject, or provide lengthy VOD reviews for players of various skill ratings.

Icy-Veins: Overwatch Guides

Icy Veins provides a wealth of Overwatch information -- from character guides to general guides. The hero guides provided on Icy Veins are among the most detailed you can find!

Overwatch Dojo

An excellent Overwatch YouTube channel. Videos are mostly concentrated on a single subject, and the Dojo also provides a number of aiming drills for many different Heroes.

Vale: Mercy Expert

Vale is primary a Mercy player, consistently among the top Mercy players in Overwatch. Vale often appears in videos and content created by other people. But you can learn quite a bit just from watching Vale's stream -- chances are good there will be a lot of great Mercy play for you to learn from.

Wawa’s Boot Camp

Wawa's Boot Camp is an improvement-geared online boot camp, helping to connect coaches with players. They have also created a number of excellent guides.

ioStux: Professional Overwatch Coach

ioStux is a professional Overwatch coach. Not only does ioStux offer paid coaching to improve your game -- the Discord community and YouTube channels are both treasure troves of information and helpful players.

Fareeha: Pharah Expert

Fareeha is a Pharah main who streams with an educational slant and also provides several Pharah guides. The stream is a lot of fun, she has a great singing voice. In addition to watching Fareeha play -- there are often VOD reviews, helpful hints, and more.

CANAS1AN: Zarya and Orisa Expert

You can catch CANAS1AN, an expert Zarya and Orisa player, on YouTube and Twitch.

Fitzyhere: Sombra Expert

Fitzy is an educational Sombra streamer and YouTuber. YouTube, and you can watch Fitzy stream on Twitch.

Valkia: Pharah Expert

Valkia's YouTube channel contains a wealth of Pharah guides and general information. In addition, you can watch Valkia via Twitch stream to absorb even more excellent Pharah play.