Mercy’s Superhop

This is a very brief guide to Mercy's superhop technique, which was first posted on Reddit by /u/StarSplosion. /u/brokenstyli made this helpful and informative GIF to quickly illustrate the technique.

Torbjorn Mega-Guide

This is a handy Torbjorn resource! It features an image guide for turret spots, a section addressing misconceptions about Torbjorn, a FAQ, and a wealth of other information about our turret-building Swedish engineer. Definitely a must-read if you're interested in playing Torbjorn, even situationally.

Choosing Crosshairs

A detailed guide on the very specific subject of crosshair customization. This guide provides a helpful image album showing different crosshairs and their settings, as well as detailed written information on choosing the crosshair that will work best for you.

StatBanana Planning Tools & Top-Down High-Resolution Overwatch Maps

StatBanana put together some really amazing high-quality images for Overwatch maps, created from almost 10,000 in-game screenshots. These screenshots were stitched together to make seriously huge, seriously high-quality map images. These maps can be used to create annotated screenshots, plans of attack, and much more.

Please note, StatBanana requests credit of their resources, and for their resources to be used only in free works: "We only ask that you not use them in any non-free works, that you not redistribute them unaltered, and that either the logo in the corner is kept, or that you include something to the effect of Overhead map courtesy of below the image or wherever it is most suitable."

Mercy: Spots for Pistoling

For certain map types and certain team compositions, I like to start defense rounds with the pistol when playing Mercy. Especially with Mercy 2.0, firing your gun at the start of the round is a great way to build ultimate and potentially secure the numbers advantage.