Speakeasy Challenges

Speakeasy's challenges are PVE (player versus environment) challenges intended to help you get better at certain heroes and certain aspects of the game. Speakeasy provides detailed guides for settings on your custom games, what bots to run, and what exactly you are trying to accomplish in completing the challenge. Speakeasy's challenges are indeed challenging, and you may find them an excellent way to increase your Overwatch skill.

Vertical Aim Practice Against Bots

A method for practicing aim against targets in the air. Given that Pharah is not among the default bots and it is otherwise very difficult to practice aim against vertical targets, this is an excellent practice method.

Event Item Tracker

This is a kick-ass checklist for the collectors in us. I'm not a hardcore collector but I do like making sure I get everything I really want with each event. This is a great tool for that, featuring previews, functional checkmarks, data export, and more.

Simple Google Docs Overwatch SR Tracker

This is a simple Google Docs spreadsheet for tracking SR. I made my own because I'm a picky little thing. This sheet includes an auto-inserting date. It's not the best, but it works for me.

Game Sense and General Knowledge “Test”

I'm not really sure if anyone would find this useful? I don't know. I made it for a duo-queue partner to try and help with some game sense things, and I figured I could share it. I would assume the more you know without cheating on the internet, the better off you are -- and if there's anything that totally blanks you out you'd know there's something specific you need to work on. Sorry if you get any echoes of school tests on this!