Hero Picker

Another team composition tool that can help you figure out which heroes work best on which maps. This one is interesting as it provides a "default preset" for common team compositions such as "Deathball" and "Dive" -- even relatively new but highly popular compositions such as "GOATS" are included.

Overwatch Team Generator

This interesting tool allows you to build different team compositions based on the enemy team compsition, map, different metas, and similar. There are a lot of options, and it's quite useful for quickly sorting out team compositions and the best hero you can currently pick for your team.

VOD Recording Software and Tools

There are several programs you can use to record gameplay. Installation and configuration are currently beyond the scope of this guide. Settings vary by program and hardware, so you’ll have to dig into the specifics of your set-up. PC only (for now!).

StatBanana Planning Tools & Top-Down High-Resolution Overwatch Maps

StatBanana put together some really amazing high-quality images for Overwatch maps, created from almost 10,000 in-game screenshots. These screenshots were stitched together to make seriously huge, seriously high-quality map images. These maps can be used to create annotated screenshots, plans of attack, and much more.

Please note, StatBanana requests credit of their resources, and for their resources to be used only in free works: "We only ask that you not use them in any non-free works, that you not redistribute them unaltered, and that either the logo in the corner is kept, or that you include something to the effect of Overhead map courtesy of https://statbanana.com/ below the image or wherever it is most suitable."

Mouse Sensitivity Calculators

This is a collection of various mouse sensitivity calculators for Overwatch, ranging from simple to rather complex. If you want to know your CM/360° or convert your OW sensitivity to another game -- or vice versa -- these calculators can help you out.


OASIS is the Overwatch AI Skill Improvement Simulator. It is a deep-learning tool that can also provide suggestions to improve your gameplay. It is suggested you read the documentation and reddit thread for the project. Some of the suggestions can be strange or misleading unless you know what you're doing.

Flow Feedback

Flow Feedback is a great service for gaming video reviews. When reviewing VODs without Flow Feedback... it is clunky to write timestamped comments. FF reduces the friction of this process, allowing timestamped, pausable comments, drawings, and other features that make reviewing your game play (and the gameplay of others) much easier.