Overwatch Game and Statistics Trackers

Be wary of using statistics — whether gained through your own game tracking or stat trackers — to measure yourself. Statistics need to be taken into context. For example, a statistics tracker might label you as a player who needs to spend more time on the objective because your “Objective Time” stat is low. Well, what if you’re playing a flanker or a support who does not need or want to position on the objective? Statistics can be useful, but they do not tell the whole story.

Certainly, some statistics can be useful — such as comparing your winrates on certain maps on a per-hero basis. For example, if you learn your winrate as Support is 55% in general but only 20% on Eichenwalde, you’ve learned you might need to change your tactics on that map. Again, though — look at the deeper story. There may be a good reason for your high Support statistic elsewhere and low rate on Eichenwalde. Perhaps you only played Eichenwalde twice all season and switched off support midway.

Sadly, the most useful statistics tend not to be the ones tracked or shown by any automated stat trackers. More useful stats are often gained from individual player game tracking, or even VOD reviews. There is no stat tracker in the world that will automatically tell you “number of successful Pharah Rocket Barrages over five games” — but reviewing your VODs can!