Overwatch Subreddits

This is a list of competitive-focused Overwatch subreddits. In general, you can find some form of improvement information in these subreddits, or some form of help within. There are tons of other Overwatch subreddits, too, ranging from large to very tiny. However as this is intended to be a list of competitive-relevant Overwatch resources, porn and meme subreddits have not been included. Sorry. You’ll have to find your own way to those delightful corners of Reddit. But yes, there are a lot of those, too!


  • /r/Overwatch: Everyone knows it, right?
  • /r/OverwatchUniversity: Learning and improvement dedicated subreddit. Contains a great many resources, guides, etc. and you can post your own questions, videos for review, and more. The front-page content is typically excellent.
  • /r/CompetitiveOverwatch: Competitive-focused Overwatch subreddit. There are a lot of eports here, discussions on characters, etc. The content trends towards longer threads with many comments and lots of discussion rather than a faster subreddit with few comments per post.


Looking for Game / Team / Coach

There are 3-4 looking for game/looking for team subs, ranging from hundreds to thousands of subs. If you really want a team you might consider crossposting to all of them. Just posting to the largest sub may not expose you to the largest eyes; the person who replies in the <500 subscriber sub may have missed your post in the >20,000 subscriber sub.

Not Overwatch

Not Overwatch, but you may enjoy them.