Reinhardt: Environmental Kill Charges or Cliff Charges

One useful mechanic to Reinhardt’s Charge ability is the fact that you can charge enemies off a cliff for an environmental kill.

Sometimes this is a suicide charge — and for good reason. If you score a huge Earthshatter to the right side of Volskaya B when attacking, you can probably charge all six enemies right off the cliff. If you suicide while doing so — it’s fine, as long as your team caps the point (or at least gets a tick). If you’re the last person alive and you suicide-charge enemies off the cliff following a “fatty shatty” — you just made a flashy play, but gained nothing toward the objective. You actually just wasted an ult and killed yourself for nothing other than POTG chances!

However, there are also areas where you can just “cliff charge” without the additional suicide. Even so, non-suicidal cliff charges are a bit tricky, because:

  • They require exact/precise positioning if you want to survive and kill the enemy. Too far forward and you die; too far backward and you will not eliminate your charge target.
  • They take some time because successful cliff charges require running the full length of Reinhardt’s charge. If you cliff charge someone close to a cliff, you’re going off with them. But if you cliff charge someone, you’re leaving your team exposed for at least the next ten seconds. You won’t be able to immediately return to your team, and unless your whole team has enough mobility to follow your cliff charge — it will take some time to group together again. And ten seconds is an eternity in Overwatch.
  • The usefulness of abandoning your team without warning can be highly situational. There’s no point charging their Reinhardt off a cliff if the enemy Widowmaker is able to pick down half your team in the time it takes you to finish your charge — your team will lose that fight because they needed your shield, not an elimination.