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I wanted something simple for my own purposes. I love the big, hefty charts with their many, many helpful charts and winrate calculations and whatnot. But those are harder to update, and harder to maintain when something breaks. There did not seem to be many “basic” options out there, either. So I made one, and this is what I have personally been using since essentially Competitive S3.

Last Updated: Season 9


It’s simple, so it doesn’t boast much:

  • Automatic match date and time, once you add the dating script.
  • It data validates maps, heroes, and “notes.” You can edit the data validation (e.g., to expand the Notes column with your own custom stuff) easily by simply switching to the “Data Validation” sheet and adding your data.
  • It could probably be converted easily into another SR tracker via CSV.
  • It’s possible it works just fine on Excel or another spreadsheet program. I have not tried.
  • You can very easily make a copy of it onto your Drive.


This sheet includes an auto-inserting date — however, you need to add a script to your Google Sheet to make it work right. See the instructions below. The first few rows have been filled with example data for you to gawk at.

Instructions for Enabling Auto-Date

  1. Go to Tools > Script Editor.
  2. Insert the following codeblock.
  3. Save the script.
  4. Refresh your Google sheet.
  5. Enter a value in the “Rank” column to test.

Auto-Update SR Tracker Date Dolumn Script

function onEdit(e) {
var sheet = e.source.getActiveSheet();
var r = e.source.getActiveRange();
if (sheet.getName() == "SR Tracker") {
if (r.getColumn() == 3) {
sheet.getRange(r.getRow(),r.getColumn()-1).setValue(new Date());